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How to maintain and care silicone kitchen utensils

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How to maintain and care silicone kitchen utensils

In the past, there were always hardware and plastic products in the kitchen. The former was heated quickly and easily burned. The operation was inconvenient and cumbersome. The latter added additives such as plasticizers, which were not environmentally friendly and affected human health. Kitchenware has entered the public's field of vision and walked into the kitchens of many families, bringing a new and convenient experience to life. How should we maintain and care for silicone kitchen utensils?

Before the first use, clean the packaging and label of the silicone kitchenware, and wash it with hot soapy water first. Because the silicone kitchenware is made of food grade silica gel, it will still be stained with dirt after leaving the factory. It is dried or dried before cooking.

Silicone kitchenware has the advantage of temperature resistance and stable performance. This is the ultimate in the kitchen, such as silicone folding bowls, silicone cake molds, which can be immediately removed from the refrigerator and placed in the oven, or placed in the refrigerator from the oven. Therefore, it expands and contracts greatly. However, silicone kitchen utensils, like other kitchen utensils, can not be directly placed on a direct fire to heat, and more should not put any silicone kitchen utensils "empty burn", in addition, for health, for use, do not worry.

The silicone kitchen utensils are highly hydrophobic and very clean. After the initial use, the water can be wiped clean after rinsing. If silicone kitchen utensils such as silica gel chopping board, silicone baking mold, etc. are used, it is best to carefully disassemble it. Wipe the details clean. Sometimes a silicone spatula, a silicone cooking bowl, etc., which need to be in direct contact with grease foods, are used. After washing, there is still a feeling of oil and oil. It is recommended that the silicone part be washed with hot water during washing, so that it can be reduced. The oily oil feels slippery, and after washing, the silicone cookware is placed in a dry and cool place.

In the long-term kitchen use, in the soaking of the sauce vinegar and salt, it is also necessary to wipe the silicone kitchen utensils with irregular warm water or white vinegar water to maintain the life of the silicone kitchenware.

The use of kitchen utensils is a skill, silicone kitchen utensils are even more so, the maintenance and cleaning process is very important, so that the shelf life of the object is longer, the cost of life is higher!



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